The picture above is my post run nutrition and consists of salad, chunks of ribeye steak from 2 days ago, 2 slices of bacon, avocado, walnuts, blue cheese, and goddess dressing.  Prior to the salad, I put down an organic mixed nut bar, a Starbuck’s green drink, and a coconut milk/protein powder shake, all with little to no carbs.

This was my longest run since February and I took it pretty well.  My legs are a little stiff but I’m feeling quite okay.  I think the two things I can take from this training session is that I’m keto adapted enough to put out a 3 hour effort without requiring any supplementation other than water, and that the connective tissue in my lower extremities is fit enough to handle the first 3/4 of a marathon.

The following is a link to my run data on

Dave’s First Long Run: 10/2/2016

Keys for this successful run:

  • I kept my heart rate under control for the first 15 miles
    • I held it under 138, my Maffetone theoretical aerobic max
  • I’ve been doing heavy squats to increase my economy
    • I’ve made it a point to superset heavy 35kg swings with barbell squats #185 or heavier.
  • My current run frequency and consistency helped condition my connective tissue to handle to pounding
    • Leading up to the run, I made at least 14 days straight of running at least 30 minutes

I plan on recovering the rest of the week but plan on running at least 17 miles next Sunday.

I’ll post an update when it happens.


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