Downhill running: backyard marathon training episode 1.

I’m over a month out from my first downhill marathon.  The Canyon Cities Marathon drops you over 5000 feet along the 26.2 mile course.  The best way to condition for such a run is to DO downhill running. When I’m not running downhill, I’m doing the following exercises to supplement my conditioning:

(I use a wobble board to simulate a downhill surface)

The first variation involves a band to increase resistance during the eccentric phase of the squat.  Shoulder flexion occurs before the descent:


The next variation involves pulling the resistance band to create internal rotation and adduction forces through the supporting hip.  Such forces increase the workload on the gluteus maximus to control and stabilize the movement (the glute max counters the band with external rotation and adduction forces):

My current volume consists of 3 sets each exercise, 10-15 reps each set, and using a medium band.  I hope to progress to a medium heavy band before the run.

Stay tuned for more training ideas,




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